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the stonelight difference

Candles You Can Trust...

Through my journey as a mother and with my son’s illness, I became increasingly concerned about the lack of transparency in the fragrance industry in addition to many aspects of safety with our food, water and other products.  As a result, I haven’t burned a candle for years.

Our favorite place is home so, in addition to our cozy fireplace, I knew a scented seasonal candle would add to the amazing, peaceful vibe we are fortunate to enjoy.

When I began my search for a clean candle, I found some companies advertise as “scented with essential oils,” yet upon closer inspection, they are often combined with fragrance oils.  Manufacturers are protected by trade secret laws and don't have to list what ingredients are in their products, and many are hidden under the word "fragrance". 

For years I have been using only unscented products for years.  Even “natural” fragrance oils seem suspect to me, and caused a headache when performing wick testing comparisons.  I also found that a company can legally put “soy wax” on its label if the candle only contains a minimum of 51% soy; therefore, some will combine the soy with paraffin wax or Vybar.  Vybar can cause respiratory irritation and paraffin is a petroleum product, a known carcinogen.  I definitely wanted to avoid those!  In addition, most coconut waxes on the market are fortified with "vegetable wax" and, upon further inquiry, contain "food grade" paraffin wax. Even the wick can contain lead because, although they are banned here, they can still be shipped from overseas.  Unless companies are explicitly stating the ingredients, which is rare, it can all remain a mystery. 

When my search for a clean candle with a classic aesthetic proved unsuccessful, I became inspired to create my own. I found a beautiful, timeless candle vessel and for months I labored to formulate the right combination of wax, wick and oils. In time, I crafted an incredible candle line with extraordinary, natural and calming scents for all seasons.  They contain 100% soy and coconut wax without potentially harmful additives (not a pre-done blend), have unbleached cotton wicks and are scented exclusively with essential oils.  They contain no fragrance oils of any kind.  The front label is clearly marked as such, and you will find the essential oils used in each candle on the ingredients label on the inside cap.

It is beyond exciting to finally be able to share stonelight candles with all of you. They are hand-poured in small batches and crafted with love on Long Island. This company has great meaning for me in a plethora of ways, and I am beyond grateful for your interest.  With their classic, minimalist aesthetic, they are perfect as a gift to yourself or others, and can be enjoyed knowing they are safe for your family.  I know they will make your home as warm and cozy as ours.