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There are moments in my life that have been completely life altering, and one was the way in which my son’s diagnosis and prognosis was presented by his doctor.  Stripped of all hope, I was alone that night with Jake as he slept in our hospital room, desperately searching for any means of comfort from such a harsh, unmerciful reality.  Someone had given us prayer blankets, one of which was on Jake and the other I held tightly to my chest.  After some time had passed, I felt a pull to a long narrow window in the room that ran from ceiling to floor.  When I pressed up to the cold glass, I noticed there was only one bright star in the night sky that seemed to be shining just for us.  In that moment, I felt something greater was sending a message of hope amidst the hopelessness. 
When I began this company, one vision I had was to be able to, through what I’ve crafted, bring hope to others who have lost it.  With that, the believe candle came to be.  With it’s simple message of hope on the label and a scent that evokes healing, spiritual emotions, it’s a beautiful way to show you care.  Just the act of giving this candle sends the message that you believe and the recipient is not alone which, in itself, is a comfort.
I hope in the event this could be helpful for you or someone you know, it could provide some much needed light amidst the dark.  We are all connected in this world and it’s so important we support each other in times of need.  This could be the very gesture that makes a difference for someone, as that prayer blanket and bright star were for me on that cold, lonely night.
If you happen to be acquainted with a family facing the challenge of childhood cancer, and you believe a "believe" candle would bring them solace, please don't hesitate to reach out at I'm committed to sending them this candle free of charge; a small gesture of support during their journey.
Thank you for taking the time to learn the meaning behind this special candle and for your support.

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