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our story

As a parent, when you are given a cancer diagnosis for your child, you enter a sub world. I often equate it to being on the other side of a glass wall. You can still see and hear the life that is happening on the other side but you will never truly get there again, as you are changed forever.

Until that point, hopelessness was just a word, but when a doctor tells you that, regardless of any efforts, your child won’t live, finding hope becomes as much of a battle as fighting the disease itself.

Our journey was heart-wrenching and arduous, yet magical and extraordinary all at once. Endless research, consulting with alternative treatment experts and digging for any possible way to save our son Jake’s life led to me live alone with him in Germany as we tried treatments that aren't offered here. Doing this also offered him the quality of life he didn’t have here, so he was able to feel well as we fought for a cure.

We created our own little world there in our apartment by the clinic where we laughed and played, held each other close and kissed constantly. He was only 14 months when diagnosed, so when we got to Germany he was almost two years old. He only had a limited vocabulary, but the love we shared was beyond words.

In time, we began to travel two hours away to Köln to add a new treatment when he was progressing well, and this was an adventure in itself. I lament the memories we made together as I watched my beautiful boy grow, learn and develop his amazing personality. I stood in awe of his strength and resilience as he moved patiently through his lengthy treatments. It’s like he knew inherently that we were trying to help him, without being old enough to grasp the gravity of the situation.

There are children who beat the odds, find another way medically, or are even cured of disease. Jake wasn’t as fortunate, but I do wish I wasn’t also battling back then to find the hope that was stripped from me on day one.

Stonelight® candle was inspired by my son Jake and our journey, as well as my desire to keep my surviving son Luke safe. After years of not burning candles out of toxicity concerns, I had searched and couldn’t find a candle scented exclusively with essential oils that had a design aesthetic I liked and felt safe lighting in our home, so I was inspired to create my own. And with that, stonelight® candle was born.

The company name has deep meaning for me, the product itself in its safe elements, many of the candle names, including the “believe” candle, and the concept of offering a quality gift that can provide comfort in a time of sorrow, hope for those who need it or just a cozy, calm vibe for any occasion.

I hope you will continue to explore our page, consider our candles for your home and as a way to send "warmth and light" to others. 

Thank you so much for your interest in our story and stonelight® candle.